Unreleased - Upcoming EP Due Out 2020


This band takes a stripped down and straightforward approach
dishing out their Americana flavored country, bluegrass, rock, and folk tunes.


With close heartfelt harmonies woven into their down-home approach to music,  Marilyn Darrell and Howdy Darrell of the Screen Door Slammers deliver songs that are equal parts tender and sweet as well as tough and brutally honest. They are based out of Austin, Texas.

Marilyn was born in Louisiana and raised in rural Nebraska and the redwoods of Northern California. Her first taste of music was learning ragtime piano from her Gram. In her family, making music came as naturally as eating or breathing. She grew up drawn to strong female songwriters and artists including Emmylou Harris, Lucinda Williams, Natalie Merchant, Loretta Lynn, and Joni Mitchell. With a hint of old-timey, her approach to song is salt of the earth.

Howdy grew up on a grass farm in Brazoria County, Texas. His songs have an old-soul vibe that reflect the diverse South Texas culture where he was raised. Influences include great songwriters and storytellers like Roger Miller and Tom T Hall, as well as the harrowing songs and guitar of Richard Thompson. Since the age of 17 he has been touring, recording and sharing the stage with artists including Chad Thomas, The Doolins, Gumbo Ce Soir, Wayne Hancock, Leo Rondeau, Brennen Leigh, Noel McKay, and Palomino Shakedown. 

It was in Portland, Oregon where Marilyn and Howdy met while on tour. After keeping in touch and co-writing songs with each other long distance, Marilyn made the move to Austin where the duo got married and started playing shows together kicking off their first tour as Screen Door Slammers in 2017. They have toured regionally as well as nationally and more recently have had showcases at the Brooklyn Americana Fest. 


What Folks Are Saying

"Your harmonies were like a lullaby." 
       - Sound guy at a bar in College Station, TX 

"Honest, plain-spoken, and straightforward sound. I like that." 
       - Man who put $20 in our tip jar. 

"You know what you need? To play here every Friday night!" 
       - Drunk lady at our show in Austin

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